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Virtual Investment Management Advisory

We ADVICE... you CONTROL the assets.

Financial Report


Introducing Lyon Bern's VIMA (Virtual Investment Management Advisory) - a unique advisory experience where expertise meets autonomy. Dive deep into tailored guidance on asset selection, allocation, risk management, and diversification strategies. But here's the twist: while we provide top-tier advice, you stay in the driver's seat, maintaining full control and custody of your assets. It's the perfect blend of our insights and your independence; we guide, and you decide. With VIMA, enjoy the freedom of active decision-making, underpinned by our trusted expertise.


We provide an easy solution to supervise all of your financial accounts together in one safe, secure, and simple platform. Each client's dedicated financial portal offers a complete wealth management website where clients can keep track of their multiple financial and non-financial strategies. 


  • Banking Accounts

  • Investment Accounts

  • Insurance Products

  • Budget & Cash Flow Analysis

  • Real-time Montecalo Simulators

This tool not only helps our clients monitor their real-time Net Worth, but it also serves as a safeguarding tool where important documents such as Wills, Trust Documents, and even Insurance Policies can be kept and easily accessible in the platform's encrypted Vault. 

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Held Away Account Management

Lyon Bern's VIMA service seamlessly supercharges your overlooked assets like 401(k)s, turning them into actively managed, optimized retirement investments without the fuss of a separate account.


Comprehensive advisory for "held away" accounts like 401(k)s & Deferred Compensation Plans.


Tailored investment advisory without requiring a separate large investment account.


Expert tools and guidance to enhance retirement accounts' potential.


Consolidation and active management of often overlooked assets.

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