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About Us

Independent, Fiduciary, Registered Investment Adviser

Lyon Bern, LLC is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), committed to the delivery of effective, efficient, and tailored approach to wealth and asset management with the utmost integrity and strict code of ethics. Using today's most advanced and proven technical analysis strategies, Lyon Bern, LLC and its investment advisors assess and monitor the risks associated with each investment and the overall market. While focusing on our client's investment objectives, Lyon Bern differentiates itself by successfully implementing risk management and hedging strategies designed to protect against downside risk.

Lyon Bern, LLC holds its highest standard based on our Fiduciary Duty. As fiduciaries we have a legal and ethical relationship of trust with our clients, thus we act in the best interest of our clients. The fiduciary duty requires that every financial decision or recommendation be made in the best interest of our clients. 

registred fiduciary
Lyon Bern - Wealth Management and Financial Advisors in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Asesores financieros
Lyon Bern - Wealth Management and Financial Advisors in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Asesores financieros

What makes us UNIQUE

Lyon Bern, LLC was founded with the idea of ​offering unbiased financial and investment advice to our customers. Our MISSION is to prioritize our client's needs before anything else; hence working as fiduciaries for our clients while guiding them along the journey to their financial and life goals. 

We understand how each of our client's needs is unique and particular, thus we will apply our vast knowledge in financial planning combined with our experience in portfolio management to help our clients reach their financial goals.

what makes us unique
Value-Added Approach
  • Fiduciaries.

  • Unbiased, no-product oriented advisory.

  • Fee Based with competitive AUM Grid. 

  • Advanced financial technical and fundamental analysis protocols. 

  • Advanced hedging strategies. 

  • Access to experts in different financial planning areas to address and achieve your financial goals.

  • Service-oriented model with direct portfolio managers access and constant communication between the client and an investment advisor representative.

  • Access to alternative investments strategies for further portfolio diversification. 

value added approach

Meet The Team

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