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Alternative investments stand distinct from the typical stocks, bonds, and cash, offering a unique avenue for institutional and accredited investors. These assets provide an opportunity to diversify, reducing reliance on the stock market's fluctuations. Additionally, real assets within this category can serve as a buffer against the impacts of inflation. It's an approach that emphasizes both variety and security. For the savvy institutional and accredited investor, these assets are a passport to diversification, steering clear of the stock market's turbulence.

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LB Strategic Income &
Growth Fund

The LB Strategic Income & Growth Fund emphasizes the preservation of capital while targeting consistent, long-term returns. By diversifying across various minimally-correlated alternative asset classes, the fund aims to reduce exposure to single-asset volatility, thereby aiming for steady performance.

Drawing inspiration from the endowment model, the fund strategically allocates assets amongst top-tier alternative investment managers. This approach not only ensures diverse portfolio construction but also positions the fund to tap into both steady income streams and growth opportunities.

Key Points:

  • Objective: Capital preservation with consistent, long-term returns.

  • Diversification: Investments spread across minimally-correlated alternative asset classes.

  • Goal: Reduce single-asset volatility for steady performance.

  • Allocation Strategy: Inspired by the endowment model.

  • Asset Allocation: Strategically placed with top-tier alternative investment managers.

  • Outcome: Balanced approach for both steady income and growth potential.

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