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Our investment methodology emphasizes the utilization of smart beta, aiming to craft portfolios that manage risk through calculated diversification across less correlated asset classes. This results in an endowment-inspired portfolio enriched with alternative assets and innovative investment tactics.

Our forte lies in distilling complex investment tactics prevalent among major institutions and rendering them approachable for the everyday investor. 

Monitoring market fluctuations

LB Stress Free Equity Portfolio

Core Blue-Chip Equity Portfolio.

  • Strict stock guidelines: earnings consistency, blue-chip, price behavior, business longevity & management style. 

  • Risk Management Controls: hedging, stop-loss & profit lockers. 

LB Modern Fixed-Income

Lyon Bern's Premier Cash Management Service

  • Fixed Income Laddered Strategies.

  • Short-to-Mid duration. 

  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually coupon / interest payment options. 

  • US Treasuries, CDs, Munis, Agency Bonds.

Lyon Bern - Wealth Management and Financial Advisors in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Asesores financieros
stock market investments with Lyon Bern - Wealth Management and Financial Advisors in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Asesores financieros

LB All-Market Portfolio

All-Weather Investment Strategy

  • All Market Portfolio: A comprehensive "all-weather" investment strategy.

  • Diverse Exposure: Spans 10 crucial market sectors.

  • Real Assets: Investment in real estate and gold.

  • Growth Potential: Taps into emerging markets and small caps.

  • Stability: Anchored with fixed income.

  • Adaptability: Includes a mix of equities ETFs.

  • Resilience: Designed to thrive in any market condition.

Solar Panels

LB Strategic Income &
Growth Fund

Puerto Rico Private Equity Fund 

  • Goal: Reduce single-asset volatility for steady performance.

  • Allocation Strategy: Inspired by the endowment model.

  • Asset Allocation: Strategically placed with top-tier alternative investment managers.

  • Outcome: Balanced approach for both steady income and growth potential.

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