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A Comprehensive Approach

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Using our unique and effective investment approach, Lyon Bern manages four investment portfolios, each with its unique investment strategy which are used to create our blended model portfolios. Each blended model portfolio is designed to offer risk-adjusted investment strategies ranging from conservative to aggressive risk profiles, all applicable to our client's unique risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our investment models include the use of advanced risk management strategies designed to protect the client’s portfolio by minimizing systematic or “market” risk by implementing “hedging” strategies such as put options, stop-loss provisions and profit lockers.

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LB Stress Free Equity Portfolio

Core Blue-Chip Equity Portfolio.

  • Strict stock guidelines: earnings consistency, blue-chip, price behavior, business longevity & management style. 

  • Risk Management Controls: hedging, stop-loss & profit lockers. 

LB Momentum Portfolio

Growth-oriented equity portfolio. 

  • Quarterly-rebalanced portfolio. 

  • Price and trend momentum-following stock selection. 

  • Strict fundamental and technical analysis applied for strong stock selection. 

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LB All-Market Portfolio

Market Diversified ETF Portfolio.

  • Diversified portfolio among ten (10) market sectors. 

  • Reduced volatility derived from amplified diversification. 

LB Modern Fixed-Income

Fixed-income ETF portfolio. 

  • Low-volatility.

  • Short-term municipal and treasury bond ETFs.

  • Low-duration, attractive yields. 

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