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Tech Trends for 2021

As the world evolves and the pandemic accelerated technology acceptance an usage, these become some of the most important trends to watch out for in business.

Here are some highlights from

· Custom Chip: These innovations allow us to build more efficient trading systems, deliver better performance, reduce complexity, lower the cost of end products, increase profitability and add new features that differentiate our products.

· Edge Cloud: Edge cloud is reducing reliance on centralized processing (processing performed in one computer or in a cluster of coupled computers in a single location), bringing greater scale and performance to consumers in an increasingly connected world.

· Data sharing: The powerful combination of cloud, federated learning and homomorphic encryption could potentially overcome regulatory and other barriers to sharing and analyzing data for purposes such as fighting financial crime and improving market integrity.

· SAAS in the Cloud: Financial institutions and marketplaces are finding that it is much faster and cost effective to onboard clients as well as upgrade products and deliver new ones.

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SOURCE: Nasdaq


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