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2021 trends in the automotive industry

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Companies capable of reimagining the industry will be the most successful in the end.

With less driving and more time online, the pandemic has definitely impacted this industry. Especially in certain countries like Germany according to Automotive World..

Aside from the previous trend on electric and semi-self-driving cars, there are a few things that the pandemic encouraged or pointed out in the industry.

Statistics show that increase in engaging online (something many of the brands had not jumped on fully) has increased heavily according to studies from McKinsey. Will online purchases grow?

On-demand mobility seems to be on the rise. Even more so as so many companies are deciding to leave employees on remote mode. Households with a car per person no longer need as many cars, and therefore short-term rentals and other driving services seem like a possible trend in the future for several reasons according to the same article.

Tech and partnerships could also be key as the user is more accustomed to integrated solutions.

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