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Homebuyers Impacted by Skyrocketing Home Prices and Inflation

worried woman looking at house model

A recent study reveals that home prices have skyrocketed compared to inflation over the past six decades. While inflation has increased tenfold, home prices have surged 24 times higher. If home prices had kept pace with inflation, the median price for a typical U.S. home would be around $177,511, but in reality, it's closer to $412,778.

This steep rise in home prices is making it increasingly difficult for today's adults to afford homes compared to their parents' generation. Factors contributing to this trend include high mortgage rates and supply and demand dynamics. Unlike other consumer goods, homes take significant time to build, averaging around 9.6 months for a newly constructed single-family home.

Zoning restrictions and expensive land costs further impede the construction of new homes. To address this housing supply shortage, policymakers may need to relax land-use and zoning regulations. However, such changes can be slow and complex due to various factors.

The affordability crisis in housing is a significant concern for many Americans, influencing their political decisions. President Biden has proposed measures to tackle this issue, including cutting housing costs, boosting supply, and expanding access to affordable housing. These proposals aim to provide relief to both aspiring homeowners and current homeowners facing financial strain.



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