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About Us

About Us

Independent, Fiduciary, Registered Investment Adviser

Lyon Bern, LLC is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), committed to the delivery of effective, efficient and tailored approach to wealth and asset management with the outmost integrity and strict code of ethics. Using today's most advanced and proven technical analysis strategies, Lyon Bern, LLC and its investment advisors assess and monitor the risks associated with each investment and the overall market. While focusing on our client's investment objectives, Lyon Bern differentiates itself by successfully implementing risk management and hedging strategies designed to protect against downside risk.

Lyon Bern, LLC holds its highest standard based on our Fiduciary Duty. As fiduciaries we hold a legal and ethical relationship of trust with our clients, thus we act in the best interest of our clients. The duty of care requires that every financial decision or recommendation be made in the best interest of our clients. 

What makes us UNIQUE

Lyon Bern, LLC was founded with the idea of ​offering unbiased financial and investment advice to our customers. Our MISSION is to prioritize our client's needs before anything else; hence working as fiduciaries for our clients while guiding them along the journey to their financial and life goals. 

We understand how each of our client's needs are unique and particular, thus we will apply our vast knowledge in financial planning combined with our experience in portfolio management to help our clients reach their financial goals. 


Value-Added Approach
  • Fiduciaries.

  • Unbiased, no-product oriented advisory.

  • Fee Based with competitive AUM Grid. 

  • Advanced financial technical and fundamental analysis protocols. 

  • Advanced hedging strategies. 

  • Access to experts in different financial planning areas to address and achieve your financial goals.

  • Service oriented model with direct portfolio managers access and constant communication between the client and a investment advisor representative.

  • Access to alternative investments strategies for further portfolio diversification. 

What makes us unique


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Investment Advisory With You In Control

Lyon Bern's VIMA service is a "virtual" investment advisory service where we advise clients on portfolio management, including asset selection, asset allocation, risk management protocols and tactical diversification strategies, and market timing signals. Unlike our wealth and asset management service, clients under our VIMA service are responsible for implementing the designed strategies on their own since Lyon Bern will not have discretionary authority or custody of the client's assets. Besides the portfolio management strategies, clients subscribed to our VIMA service will receive Lyon Bern's weekly market update discussions, quarterly newsletters and will have access to all our recorded webinars. 

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A Comprehensive Approach

Using our unique and effective investment approach, Lyon Bern manages four investment portfolios, each with its unique investment strategy which are used to create our blended model portfolios. Each blended model portfolio is designed to offer risk-adjusted investment strategies raging from conservative to aggressive risk profiles, all applicable to our client's unique risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our investment models include the use of advanced risk management strategies design to protect the client’s portfolio by minimizing systematic or “market” risk by implementing “hedging” strategies such as put options, stop-loss provisions and profit lockers.

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The Path to Success

Under our financial planning program, we offer our clients comprehensive financial plans, tailored and structured to meet our client’s specific needs. Services include, Estate Planning, Alternative Investment Planning, Business Secession Planning, Benefit Plans consulting.

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Wealth Mangement

Wealth & Asset Management

LB Stress Free Equity Portfolio

​Core Blue-Chip Equity Portfolio.

  • Strict stock guidelines: earnings consistency, blue-chip, price behaviour, business longevity & management style. 

  • Risk Management controls: hedging, stop-loss & profit lockers. 

Growth-oriented equity portfolio. 

  • Quarterly-rebalanced portfolio. 

  • Price and trend momentum-following stock selection. 

  • Strict fundamental and technical analysis applied for strong stock selection. 

LB Momentum Portfolio

LB All-Market Portfolio

LB Modern Fixed-Income

Market Diversified ETF Portfolio.

  • Diversified portfolio among ten (10) market sectors. 

  • Reduced volatility derived from amplified diversification. 

Fixed-income ETF portfolio. 

  • Low-volatility.

  • Short-term municipal and treasury bond ETFs.

  • Low-duration, attractive yields. 

Technology & Platforms

Alternative Investments

By definition, an alternative investment is an asset class that does not fall into the same category as traditional investments such as cash, stocks or bonds. This asset class allow institutional and accredited investors to diversify their portfolios into different investments not directly correlated to the stock market, thus increasing overall diversification. Furthermore, investing in real assets as alternative investments provide an effective hedge against inflation. 

These non-correlated assets allow for:

  • Increased diversification

  • Inflation hedge

  • Reduced volatility

Type of Alternative Investments:

  • Private Equity Funds

  • REITs

  • Hedge Funds

Past performances do not guarantee future results. Lyon Bern, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser and is in the business of consulting and advising its clients in wealth and asset management. Each client's diversification between Lyon Bern's portfolios will be made individually and based on the client's Investment Policy Statement, their risk tolerance and investment objectives. 


San Juan, PR Office

252 Ponce de León Ave.

Citi Towers Suite 1403
San Juan, PR 00918

Miami, FL Office

1000 Brickell Ave, Suite 335

Miami, FL 33131


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